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ADF's Bright Future - Email Experiement - ADF Technopagans
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ADF's Bright Future - Email Experiement
This idea has been floating around in my head for a long while. I know I have even spoken to a couple of you about it.

I have wanted to try an email spell/magic experiment for awhile. What I envision is this, I will create a unique email address to which anyone who chooses can send prayers, charms, good thoughts, pictures, or what have you to. Yes, I mean an actual email. Ideally while creating this email you would try to imbue it with intention, power, and good mojo. At a specific time I will do a short ritual (not yet written) and delete this email account.

Here is what I am hoping to achieve. Over time the amassed power, intention, mojo etc. builds until, ritually, we will release it into the universe. I have no idea how (or if) it will work but since the idea is still bouncing around in my head after nearly two years I figured I would give voice to it.

The current ADF elections seemed like the perfect time to give it a try. As you know this is a big time for ADF. We will be installing a new Archdruid this year, Ordaining our first priest through the Study Program model, and welcoming new faces into our Mother Grove. These new leaders are going to need our support. Both spiritually and physically.

I am asking you to send your prayers, energy, intention, wishes of good luck, and love not to those members running for office specifically (although that is a grand idea as well) but to the universe. Let us be active participants in enacting ADF's bright future. Anything sent to this email address will not be read (not by human eyes anyways) but, if you wish, you may feel free to share them yourself on the ADF-Technopagan SIG e-list, here on the LiveJournal, or on your various journals and blogs online.

Please send these emails to adfbrightfuture@live.com by April 30th 2010.

I will send more details about how the ritual to end this experiment will go when we get closer to the date (and once I figure out what we are going to do).

~ Jamie
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